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Dried mealworms for hamsters and other pets

Dried mealworms constitute an ideal nutritional supplement for various insectivorous animals ranging from small mammals such as hamsters to large predatory fish like oscars. This is due to the fact that they are packed with an abundance of protein and fat.

Experiments have indicated that fish such as oscars experience enhanced growth and  development when fed mealworms on a regular basis . This is due to the previously mentioned high protein content of  the mealworms.

Our mealworms can last up to three years without the need for refrigation. Each packet contains 200 grams worth of worms and sells for 12 dollars apiece. However, customers who purchase at least three packets, will only be charged ten dollars for every packet that they pay for. 


Please contact me at the following number for further enquiries: 98278345 

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Posted On : 29-November-17
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